Pandemic Woes

I really thought by now this whole thing would be over. Seriously! I just want life to go back to normal. Dont we all? When this whole thing started back in March of 2020 I had just finished setting up my double booth at a tradeshow. The doors had only been open for 4 hours and the announcement was made by the government that we would go into a lock down by the end of the week. We could have "legally" stayed open, but the tradeshow owner decided to do the right thing early and shut it all down. Afterall, hundreds of people would be going through those doors that weekend.

Covid could have easily and rapidly been spread.

So with a heavy heart, we all had to tear down, pack up, and go home. So many of us were upset that this descision wasn't made BEFORE we set up (this omninus news hung in the air for days before setup). During this two month lockdown there was a frenzy of questions regarding whether it was safe to photograph families and individuals. I personally never found it to be an issue due to how far I always have to stand (20+ feet), but there was this pressure from everywhere around you to "be responsible" and shut down. Then all the porch photography sessions came out of the woodwork. Not going to lie, this irritated me. Nothing like taking advantage of a bad situation to make a quick buck and further devalue our profession! I don't mean to be snide, but for those of us who work very hard at honing our skills, investing in our education, and meticulously pouring over each pixel to make sure it is of the utmost quality... well let's just say it ruffles our feathers a bit. So we are again left working even harder at proving our value over a quick "shoot and burn" session. We are left again to find ways to help the public see why professional photography is a true art form that needs to be cherished and displayed on your home's walls.

Sure, anyone can snap photos with a cheap camera, but not everyone can help tell your family's story in an artistic, unique, and beautiful way.

So here we are almost a year later still trying to find our way through all of this uncertainty and I ask myself, "what have I had to adjust in my business to accommodate this pandemic?" The answer is simple. Not much really! Aside from in-home consultations which can be done over the phone or on zoom (something I've always offered anyway), everything else has stayed the same. I rarely photograph families that don't already live together so that's not a social distancing issue, and I always wear a mask and maintain 20-30 feet of distance from my clients, which is much more than the recommended 6 feet.

So why is everyone still so reluctant to have their family photos taken? I wonder if it's a lack of motivation to commemorate this time of harshdship. Maybe a lack of funds? But during this time family is the most important thing to remember! Why not capture these treasured memories even now, while the world still has some semblance of normalcy... it could get a lot worse (not to be pessimistic), but we really need to always count our blessings because we are NEVER guaranteed tomorrow!

Take this time to get close to the ones you love because let's face it, when else would you have so much time to spend with them?

When you think back on your life, photographs will always be there to give you a visual reminder of the good times and special memories you shared together, even when your memory no longer serves you well. Things to reflect upon 😉❤

See you in my next post!

God bless!


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