How much do you value PHYSICAL photos?

In an age of digital EVERYTHING, physical photos (prints) have declined more and more. But many are starting to realize the value of printing their photos once again. Have you ever had the traumatic experience of losing your digital photos? Maybe you lost your cell phone or had a desktop computer crash? I know this pain all too well! That is why having you precious memories printed, framed, and hung is so important! Not only do they look amazing on your wall and create a beautiful statement piece for your home, but they can be scanned and duplicated... in other words they are totally archival!

Unlike digital photos that are simply pixels floating around in cyberspace which can so easily be lost, physical prints will be around for generations!

Remember your grandma's house and all the old photos of her when she was a child? Yes! They are STILL around, proving the archival quality and piece of mind you hold when your photos are printed! So I ask you, how much do YOU value physical photos? Here's a little story of what happened to me back when I was just learning about digital stuff...

After the birth of my first child, I did what any mother would do! ...Take about a zillion photos of her from every angle and with each minuscule change of her expression. I wound up having hundreds and hundreds of photos! Of course, only a handful of those ended up printed out. After sitting on my computer hard drive for a while, I finally decided to do something with them, so I burned them all onto CD's. I eventually lost the CD's and the digitals were no longer on my computer! And, you guessed it, I was beside myself in grief! All those photos were now gone forever!

If this horrifying situation has ever happened to you, you understand and identify with my pain! This is what prompted me to be an advocate of PRINTING your photos! And I also learned to settle down with how many digitals I capture, as I really don't NEED hundreds and hundreds.

Culling them down can be difficult when they are photos of your precious children, but keeping just the really good ones so you can print them is that much more rewarding :)

Until next time! God Bless you!


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