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I honestly never thought I'd have too much time on my hands, but here we are. I remember it was only a year ago that I was having to schedule time just to hang out with my husband and kids. Yep, that's how busy I was... and now I'm struggling to find things to do. So I've decided to post a list of things I have been doing during this lull in time to keep my boredom at bay.

Spending extra time with the Lord

- Painting walls and furniture around the house

- Organizing things long overdue

- Putting together jigsaw puzzles

- Watching movies and shows

- Selling used stuff online

- Going for country drives

- Built a bar table and bought used bar stools

- Built two large ottoman trays

- Making plans for house projects and renos

- Rearranged some furniture

- Made a jar full of "fun stuff to do"

- Pulled out of jar when we are bored

- Got appliance boxes and built fort for the kids

- Built bed sheet fort in sunken fireplace area

- Tobogganing and building snowmen

- Going for walks or drives

- Landscaping and yard cleanup

- Relaxing on porch swing

- LOTS of reading

This list can go on and on, so I'll just leave you with those for now. Here's a used credenza I bought for $50 and converted it into a TV stand. Completed this little project a couple days ago. It took several layers of paint, as the wooden colour kept seeping through! Frustrating! Usually only takes 2-3 coats, this one took 5 (and 6 in some areas)!

What are some things you've been doing to keep yourself busy? How have you been handling all this extra free time?

And most importantly, how is your mental health?

That's a topic that seems to be on the forefront of many people's minds lately. As for myself, I've definitely been struggling, but by the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I have been able to trudge through. In my next post, I'll talk about mental health a bit more.

I hope you will keep your chin up and pull encouragement from whenever you can!

God bless!


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